Such a project would not exist without the participation of several partners.


We would like to extend a special thank you to all of them - for your ideas, your creativity, and your time. Thank you for being so generous! 

See the list of those who contributed to the realization of the monument in honour of Maxime and the missing of Stalker 22.

remerciement Yves L_Ecuyer  Forgeron
remerciement aux familles pour leurs sup
remerciement Jenna Simpell
remerciement Stephane Chenard
remerciement Sylvie Gagne
remerciement eric
remerciement Philippe Andre Grenier Forg
remerciement Jean-Philippe Tardif Forger
remerciement Jean-Philippe Gravel Forger
remerciement Marc-Andre Desrosiers Forge
remerciement Yves Landry Forgeron
remerciement Olivier Dufresne Forgeron
remerciement Sebastien Maxime Daraiche a
remerciement Eric Blanchet Forgeron
remerciement Rejean Theberge Forgeron
remerciement Sylvie Castonguay Forgeron.

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Our partners' websites:

Mr. Stéphane Chénard, blacksmith

M. Marc-André Desrosiers, blacksmith


M. Jean-Philippe Gravel, blacksmith

M. Yves Landry, blacksmith

M. Eric Blanchet, blacksmith (Sign MNQ, blacksmith polar)