Please note the monument concept described below, in both location and design, is in the process of being approved. If this specific concept is not approved, all donations from past and ongoing fundraising will still go to a monument in honour of Maxime and the missing of Stalker 22. Updates can be found on this site. 


We are the family of Captain Maxime Miron-Morin who was tragically lost in the CH-148 Cyclone helicopter crash in the Ionian Sea while proudly serving Canada aboard HMCS Fredericton. During our reflection following the crash, several observations and themes aligned that helped us identify how to best honor and represent Maxime and his brothers and sisters in arms. 

This legacy must showcase love, belonging, family and home, in addition to loyalty, commitment, and humility. These are concepts that can have more than one meaning and take on different meanings to each of us. This is what prompted our choice towards a physical monument as a tribute to the Stalker 22 crash, and other soldiers who lost their lives aboard Maritime Helicopters.

"Love ..." Maxime knew his great love in the Forces. It was in Kingston, at the Royal Military College of Canada, that he met his big love, his soulmate, Kathryn. Maxime also loved his brothers Michaël, Jonathan and Jessy and his sister Stéphanie, his father and me, other members of our families and many friends. We all loved him so deeply. It is important that Maxime’s family in Québec has a place of our own that honors and remembers him, a place for us to reflect and think of him.

"Belonging and family ..." Family is what comes to mind first, of which ours is mostly in the Mauricie region of Québec (Max's native region). Maxime was deeply loved and appreciated by all his family and made a point of coming home to visit as much as he could. Maxime’s family in-law also loved him dearly. His parents-in-law considered him as their own son and often referred to Max as their favorite child. The connection between his brother and sisters-in-law was immediate and Max was without a doubt their brother.

"Loyalty and humility ..." Maxime was never looking for individual accolades or honors. However, he was very competitive and was always motivated to work towards a victory. He participated in mostly team sports, with great respect for his opponent. Even as he competed in track and field, an individual sport, he competed on the college team and told us about his team's achievements.

We would like to erect a monument in Mauricie, that will honor the memory of Maxime, the five other members lost in the Stalker 22 crash, and all Canadians who lose their lives aboard Maritime Helicopters.

We envision a main monument with satellite trees dedicated to each member lost in the crash - each tree surrounding this tragedy with new life. A monument made of stone, featuring the wings of the RCAF in bas-relief - Maxime was so proud of his wings! On the stone at the base of the monument, an inscription with the names of all the MH soldiers who never returned home from their mission. On top, a bronze bas-relief plaque of CH-148 Cyclone Stalker 22 and HMCS Fredericton, with a special dedication to the RCAF aircrew Maxime, Matthew, Brenden, and Kevin, and their RCN passengers Abbigail and Matthew - honoring the connection between the RCN and the RCAF. If possible, a hologram cast on a nearby building, a modern monument that arouses curiosity – there to leave a vivid memory of Maxime and Stalker 22. Curiosity is the root of the scientific pursuit that was so dear to Maxime.


We would also like flags to be flown on poles near the monument. These flags could be replaced on the anniversary of Maxime’s return home and the flags that have flown on the monument could be offered to cadets in the region. It was the cadets who instilled in Maxime a sense of commitment and the dream of flying. Maxime always attached great importance to youth, sports, and training. He would have been so proud to be able to give back and in turn motivate a young person to surpass himself.

Honoring all his brothers and sisters in arms is a reflection of who Max was.

An update on development will be provided regularly.

Thank you for following us!

Kathryn and Marie-Claude