Sub-Lieutenant Abbigail Cowbrough


RMC Class of 2018, computer science


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A bright light continues to shine through the darkest parts of our own hearts. Abbigail had a crazy grin that could brighten any room. She was willful, smart, determined and kind. She leapt and danced her way into so many hearts. She sung, all be it horribly, with gusto and bravado. She tried new things all the time, especially food.


She loved food. She didn’t do anything small; she was all about hard work and determination. You never expect things to go wrong but when they do, they go horribly wrong. Abbigail is survived by such a long line of family and has been adopted by so many around the world on her travels as a granddaughter, sister, mother, aunt and true friend.


We all have loss. We are now eternally connected. All of us. Abbigail loved her civilian family as well as her Military one, her UN NATO, Pipes and Drums and Church families. These were her biggest teachers and supporters; they nurtured her and reared her. It is only right that she was blessed to give her life in their service.  It has been said we only have but one death to spend, and who would not want to pass with brothers in arms. She did not die for her God, family, country or Navy; she lived for these things.